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Live on CJAI

Tiny House Ontario (Laura) will be the guest of CJAI Radio’s show Shannon’s Mixed Tape from 7-9 pm tonight.  CJAI is Canada’s smallest radio station, therefore I think they make a very fitting host for Ontario’s tiniest house dweller.

The station is a little tough to connect to (if you have a Mac) you might need some technical assistance, so if you plan on listening in check in advance for your connection.  If you miss it, don’t worry, it will be a podcast later.  After the show airs and the pod cast is ready I will be sure to post the link.

I already picked out a few tunes… But you will all have to wait and listen for yourselves!

Awesome kids visiting Laura at the Sunday MarketIt has been a busy week!  Here is a photo of some great kids who stopped to watch me paint at the Sunday Antique Market, at Springer Market Square.  It was my fist Sunday market and I really enjoyed it.  When I have not been working the market, I have been visiting with my sister who leaves in two weeks to make her home in Saskatoon.  I have also moved 1.5 tons of limestone shale.

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Wood Spirit and the Wolf

I have finally installed the wood spirit that I purchased from wood carver, Steven Kenzora.  When I wrote about the purchase in an earlier post, I said that it would be put in a place of honour.

Since picking it up I gave quite some thought to where this would be. I decided, finally, to secure it in the arms of an ironwood tree and is facing the entry door of the house.  The tree is due North-West of THO which marks the line between black and white, earth and air and is directionally the mark of the winter solstice with respect to THO itself.  What is interesting, at least to me, is that the tree, an ironwood (considered to be magical by those who practice Wicca) seems to have grown in the specific location and shape to hold this carving.  Ironwood is a slow growing tree with a 7.0 growth factor; so this tree, with a ten inch diameter is about 75-85 years old.  I guess this tree is a sister to Twerp (so named for Tolkein) who is due South-West to THO and perhaps 20-30 years older than what is now named, Wood Spirit Tree.  Interesting too, I think, THO has ironwood trees that are at all four directional cusps and each is within a couple of hundred feet of the house at each of the cusp directions.

What I did not notice until I joined the two is that there is a howling wolf that was carved by nature into the wood which Steven carved into.  Like the Wood Spirit the wolf is a symbol of community and communication, but the wolf is also a loyal guardian.

A lot of symbolic meaning hidden in plain sight.  If you know about these things than you may have guessed that I have been recently influenced by a viking.

Can you see any other symbolism that I failed to mention here?

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