The Back 50

Yesterday after the first rain I tootled out of THO and went down the back road to see what the forest looks like from the other concession road.

I think it looks surprisingly good!

This is the back 50 of the original farm, but this was subdivided a long time ago.  The ten acre parcel that belongs to us, is all forest and starts here where the corn stops.  This entire tree line is ours and it goes back about a kilometre from the edge of there.  It is a good bit of land for one TIny House!

I can’t emphasize enough, that it is nice to have had the rain!  I feel so much relief for the sake of the trees and thus my worry subsides for the time being.

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Celebrating Rain

The forest was green and soft this morning when I woke.  A hazy soft light covered the woods as far as I could see and the leaves point upward and danced in the light breeze.

We had two good rains yesterday afternoon.  Both were not called for as far as I understand, but yet they came.  I had left my dishpan out in the cloth porch kitchen and there was a full two to three inches of depth in it!  Enough rain water to wash the coffee cups that were in there!  Enough rain to rebound much of the drought damage in the forest, where it is too late for many gardens and most fields.

In the year that I have been there, I have been talking about the way that the light is here.  Finally, yesterday afternoon when the rains ended and I took a photo which I believe captures the light. I imagine that the forest let go of its secrets because it was too busy celebrating!

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No Green Man

There was not enough rain at THO for the blue chalk lines to wash off.  Or at the very least, the roof overhang is wide enough to protect the building from a lot of moisture, so we wiped it down this morning.

Thankfully, there was enough rain to halt the immediate crisis that the forest was facing, but still not enough to hold it off for long.

All over there are signs of the water shortage on the land and forest.  There are also a significant number of dry wells.  For those of you who do not know the climate in Ontario, August is our dry month and we are on day one.

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Tank Girl Diversions

I am heading back to Tiny House Ontario tomorrow in the early morning.  I understand that we have had enough rain there to keep things going for another day or two so this is good.

I was hoping that when I returned that I would not have to get on my Tank Girl gear and start fighting Water and Power for Our share.  Glad that dystopia was diverted… at least for the time being.  Frankly, life will be easier at THO when we can get a well in.  Though, I do know that I could not water the whole forest and the loss of those trees makes me really unhappy, even though there was nothing realistically that I could do to help them.

For the time being, I head back soon in the slightly softer Tank Girl suit and keep on keepin’on.

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Going Buggy!

I got a lady bug key for Tiny House Ontario when I put the locks in.  I thought it would be easier to find if I was coming home after dark, and it is.

When I was going through my art supplies a few weeks ago, I found some small wooden lady bugs left over from when I was teaching Art to young children in a school in Germany so I thought I would put them on the door  marching toward the key hole.  I think they are too cute!

Today, I went for a pedicure and I suddenly decided that I wanted my toes done decoratively… you guessed it.  Perhaps it because I want to march back there myself.  I miss Tiny House Ontario!

The people there are still hoping for rain.

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