Celebrating Rain

The forest was green and soft this morning when I woke.  A hazy soft light covered the woods as far as I could see and the leaves point upward and danced in the light breeze.

We had two good rains yesterday afternoon.  Both were not called for as far as I understand, but yet they came.  I had left my dishpan out in the cloth porch kitchen and there was a full two to three inches of depth in it!  Enough rain water to wash the coffee cups that were in there!  Enough rain to rebound much of the drought damage in the forest, where it is too late for many gardens and most fields.

In the year that I have been there, I have been talking about the way that the light is here.  Finally, yesterday afternoon when the rains ended and I took a photo which I believe captures the light. I imagine that the forest let go of its secrets because it was too busy celebrating!

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