Saturday Build

I have sent an email or private messaged  all the people who are coming to volunteer on Saturday (I HOPE).  If you did not get the message please send me a reminder here or on Facebook with your email address.  We are meeting at 9:00 at my house in Hamilton.  December the 12th.


Please bring if you have them:

Cordless drill/driver

Cordless saw

Measuring tape


Staple gun

Caulking gun




AND someone else to help!  If you know any other good people that is.

We’ll start at 9.  and with all of us this should be a four-five hour job.


If anyone as a spare base kitchen cupboard 24 inches wide that is in reasonable condition, I would really love to see one donated.  I have a piece of counter top that will fit it.

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Build

  1. Mark

    where is the build in Hamilton.

    • The location is private Mark. We do not want to disrupt the life of a private person, you understand, just get her in from the cold.

  2. ericaireland

    I can’t believe i missed all of these posts!!! I’m in Hamilton and would have loved to help!!! How did it go today?? I would love to hear all about it!

    • Hi Erica, we did not finish and you are welcome to join us tomorrow if you would like to.

    • Hi Erica, thank you for the message. We are always finishing up at that time of day because it gets too dark and cold. If you have a look on Facebook you will see that we are close to finished. In kindness, Laura

  3. Mo

    Best wishes to you all. You are doing a wonderful thing. I’m way too far away to help. Keep updated No one should be homeless.

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