Nice & Well Underway

There have been a couple of days of work on the panels for Fred’s House.  Lil and Sheryl came to help one day and here is what we got done.


I went to Lowes in Hamilton to get materials today – the staff there was super helpful!  Not only did they help with getting things on the carts but when they heard what this community is doing they gave me the company van to bring stuff back, loaded the materials up and three of them even made a cash donation!  Amazing experience!  Thank you


Sheryl and Hj where here to help me unload the van, we returned it and Sheryl and I got to work on the panels.   We got the base finished, the front and backs both have panels on them and the top is on the work table and will be the next in line.   We still have not built the slightly more complicated side panels which have a slope so that water will drain off.  I hope we can finish this up tomorrow afternoon or Friday.

The funds so far collected are $1223, plus $200 that I will donate to this project as well, and I have spent $692 so about half the money is spent already, I still have to buy 3 more things of insulation ($150), the door ($250), Some outside paneling ($200), ice and rain sheet ($100), roof ($150),  4×4 under beams ($30) just to get the insulated shell done.  That is $880 which means that we are still $330 short for the structure and there is no money yet for a propane heater, a filled propane tank, a bed, or a cupboard for the kitchen so she has somewhere to heat water to make a cup of tea, or butane cooker.  If you think any of your friends might be interested in helping Fred please share this.  We still need roughly about $1000 click here to donate

The bad news is that the heater I hoped to get is sold out – but the good news is that I found another less expensive brand in the states… Thing is I have to drive to Michigan to get it. If anyone is there and coming across the border in the next two days – maybe you would consider picking up a Nu Way propane stove?  Sadly, I don’t think I have time to cross border shop before the build date.

Saturday volunteers, if you have not given me your email address, please send it to me here in the comments (I won’t post your email, or privately on the THO Facebook site.  If you are coming and you have a truck, please let me know.  We could use a couple of you folks!  The plan is to meet at my house in Hamilton, load up and go to site.  About 8:30 am.  I will inbox all the volunteers with my address.

We are getting there slowly, together!

Thanks to all who have donated time, money, materials and transportation so far!  I am looking forward to meeting the workers who are pitching in between now and on the Big Saturday morning event.

Here is where we are now:

IMG_4702 IMG_4700




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3 thoughts on “Nice & Well Underway

  1. Anonymous

    i’d love to come too…

    • Are you close enough to help and available tomorrow morning at 9:00? If so I will email the details to you.

  2. U rock! I am SO inspired by u!
    Wish Canada wasn’t SO far.
    Bright Blessings!
    Yurt Grrl💖🎪🎸

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