She is in!

There is still work to be done, but she is in from the outside now.

Here is the financial picture


1203 – You Caring donations from our communities

315 – Private donations from friends and family

1318 – TOTAL



692 – Arruda and Lowes

100 – Walmart

735 – Lowes

50   – Mattress

123 – lock, door knob, adhesive and flooring Lowes

1600 TOTAL


We also had roughly $300 in materials and the delivery van donated by Lowes in Hamilton.

A solar light was donated by Susan Dunkley, of Lowes

A gorgeous little antique school chair was donated by Mary Harris

Bedding was donated by Wendy Young and by Hj and I.

We have not covered all the costs so far and we do not have the heater, propane tank and fuel, pipes for  venting the heater, thimble (which is the part where the heat vent goes though the wall), or gas line.

We do not have a kitchen cupboard (24 inch max) lower and upper would be nice.  We do not have a butane cooker, or butane cartridges, a pot, a cup, a bowl a spoon and a tub to wash dishes in.





Still one panel trim, roofing, solar light and paint to go on the outside, but…


She is in!


Candle heater that I bought the materials for and donated. This will provide enough heat in the tiny space when it is above zero. So this is her heat source for now and it is significantly better than nothing.

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11 thoughts on “She is in!

  1. Unfortunately there are very few shelter spaces for women in Hamilton, unless there’s a cold alert they won’t open overflow beds. Single women are even lower on the totem pole for finding housing. Many who choose to live on the streets do so because what little they have is often stolen. So glad that some people have gotten together to create a practical solution. FYI a cheap source of item to furnish is estate auctions. Been to a few, and when cleaning out a house, things are often put together in groups and sold for 5 to 10 dollars for kitchen items and linens etc, or free cycle, for items that people only want picked up.

  2. 2BarA

    Laura, Thank you so much for spearheading this. I was thinking about this all weekend and regret that I could not participate in the build. I hope you raise the money for the finishing touches. This Christmas should be special for you and Fred.

  3. You and all your supporters are amazing. God bless you!!!!!

  4. mary

    thank you so much for organising all of what you’ve achieved for this woman. i am deeply moved and inspired.
    well done. well done.
    with loads of love and sobs from
    mary x

  5. Anita

    This is so wonderful! She must be extatic!

  6. 2BarA

    So glad to hear about the progress. Thought about this all weekend and wished I was close enough to help. Thanks for spearheading this great humanitarian gesture, Laura. May you and Fred have a blessed Christmas.

  7. This is truly a wonderful thing! How is she set for dealing with local authorities regarding where it is placed? Is she on private, or public land? As a hopeful future tiny house dweller here in the US, I know there are a great many local regulations to contend with.

    • The ward counsellor is aware of her new home and will go to bat for her. The neighbours look out for her. We hope that some jerk with a big chip in their shoulder won’t cause her trouble. In short, we hope that the community will protect this vulnerable human being.

  8. YOU ARE ALL MY HEROES…!! You are just awesome..

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