“let’s do it”

You wanna believe I am sharing another person’s blog! I am sure you will see why.

When I was reading it, I was pretty sure that a lot of you might also want to follow this story from beginning to… well, to wherever it takes us!


xo L

little gypsy soul

I called my realtor today and said, “Let’s do it. Let’s sell a house.” Four weeks ago, I had no idea I would be putting my house on the market. No idea. Ya’ll. This is real.

Why tiny? Why sell almost everything I own to build and move into a tiny house? Why not just downsize? Why build it myself? Why move out of a house I love? Why 200 square feet? Why so tiny? I’m glad you asked!

Mostly, this:

Fira-town,-Santorini,-Greecemachu-picchu-late-afternoonthailand-(1)--lowNew-zealand-adventure11dub-sea-beachMadre Kenya TripChile_Argentina_Wine-Country-21landing_page

Because if I sell everything I own to build and move into a tiny house, those pictures become memories.

The fact that it would put me in a position to accept opportunities to train and practice with some important teachers without stressing about money is huge. The fact that I could return to Kenya each year is pretty stellar. The idea of living comfortably within my means in a home that I design…

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11 thoughts on ““let’s do it”

  1. SPACE

    That is a beautiful post Laura. Thank you so much for sharing someone else’s dream.

    Also wanted to thank you soooooo much for the deodrant recipe. That was inspiring. Got a toothpaste idea..? I’m getting fed up with baking powder!! What do you think of Kingfisher or Uncle Bens ?

    i would love to come up with or find a nice homemade toothpaste. Will certainly let you know if I do. Have shared your deodorant widely. Thank you again !!!!!!!!!!

    Love mary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Thanks for sharing my stuff Mary!
      To tell you the truth, toothpaste is one thing that I have never tried – baking soda and salt mixed together is the most I have done. I do however oil pull, which is essentially swishing oil (I use coconut because of the anti bacterial properties) around in your mouth for 20 minutes, then spiting it out rinsing and brushing the teeth after. It is a very effective thing for keeping plaque from building up.

      The toothpaste thing sort of puts me off because there don’t seem to be any good refillable tube solutions. If I found these I would, absolutely go for it. A nice silicon thing with a screw top would work really great… hopefully someone manufactures this. If you ever see one please do let me know.

      Thanks again for sharing my site! I really do appreciate it.

      • SPACE

        welcome laura…well i think its lovely!!
        I do oil pulling too. A valuable tip….spit out into tissue and bin! This thick oil can cause serious plumbing problems otherwise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        love mary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Daryn Jackson

    Thanks for the reblog, Laura! I’m excited to follow your journey, as well!

  3. You only have one llife to live! Go for it!

  4. Teri

    Atta girl Laura! I am so glad for you–I am looking forward to seeing you settled in. We have cause to be down in Kingston from time to time and it would be nice to meet up with you if you welcomed that sort of thing. My husband is not sold on ‘tiny’…but for our retirement I think he can be convinced of going smaller than our current 900 feet. And I look forward to seeing paintings from all your travelings 🙂

    • Thanks Teri,
      I have adjusted the post because you are the second person to think this is me. It is not. It is a new blog and another person who is beginning their tiny journey.
      Sorry about the confusion!
      xo L

  5. Selling Tiny House Ontario…..??

    • LOL! No, but having financial freedom and the security of a tiny home is certainly one of my primary reasons for building THO. I wish I were done building and that I were there full time. Sigh.

      • Sorry, Laura! Reading comprehension is poor with my advanced age..!! But glad to know I misread…and that the Mistress of Tiny House Ontario is not giving up that dream!

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