Homemade Deodorant: Yes, you read this right.

Those of you who have been reading for a while know that I wash myself using baking soda and apple cider vinegar and I make my own laundry soap too.  I also primarily clean using vinegar and baking soda.  In short, I don’t use don’t use a lot of ready made products.  I really don’t use a lot of toiletries, beyond a bit of lipstick and coconut oil for moisturizer.

I have always been really lucky because I have never been a really sweaty person.  The only time I really sweat is if I am lifting a ton of stone or something really physical.  Recently, this has changed a little bit.  I am not sure if this is age related or something to do with my health, but no matter the reason, I thought some deodorant would be sort of useful for beating the new unwelcome funk.

Since I don’t buy things like this (except for lipstick), my natural way to resolve things is to research how easy it is to make it.  I googled and found a number of recipes but the one that seems very standard and is all over the internet appealed to me because I already had all the things that I need, except the deodorant tubes.  But this was an easy find.  They are available at soap making places and they are super cheap.  I ordered from a little company for just over a dollar each and found that the shipping was more expensive than the product.  But, they are BPA free, and can be washed out after use and I should have them for a long time, so I bit the bullet and for an $8 splurge, I got two of them.

It is super easy to make, I just mixed it all up in a bowl, poured it into the tubes and then put them in the fridge to firm up.

Deodorant done

Here is the recipe:

1/3 cup baking soda
1/3 cup arrowroot powder (also called tapioca flour)
4 tbsp. coconut oil
1/2 tsp tea tree oil

Mix together.

Pour into deodorant containers (two is a perfect fit).

Refrigerate overnight.

That is it!

A batch is, I understand enough to last for two or three months and unless you live in a very warm climate there is no need to keep it refrigerated.

I will let you know how it works.

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12 thoughts on “Homemade Deodorant: Yes, you read this right.

  1. My daughter makes us homemade deodorant using similar ingredients. We’ve used it for over a year now – I have mine stored in a small jar beside my bed. It works just fine for me.

  2. Hi Laura, I have never found a homemade recipe I liked but this looks simple enough. I’ll look forward to hearing what you think of this recipe.

  3. Yes – definitely let us know how it works! My partner has been making a whole stack of home made cosmetics for me – he says he’s getting in touch with his feminine side in doing so LOL! – and they’ve all worked out really well so far. But he hasn’t made a deodorant for me yet, so I’ll be interested to know if this recipe works because if it does, I’ll ask him to make it up for me.

    I suppose if you wanted you could always add a few drops of essential oil to make it smell extra good?

    • It firmed right up within a half hour and !I already used some. Armpits smell like tea tree oil. It is a nice clean smell, I think.

      Awesome, that your partner is the DIY for this. Great to have one in the house who likes to do stuff. 😀

      • We’re a bit of an odd pair like that – I’m the one who builds things (like chicken tractors and my next project I’m currently designing – a composting toilet!) – while he makes the beauty products! 😉 But he’s such a manly man (a bodybuilder!) that you’d never guess he has a softer side 😉

      • You know, I like researching and building as well as researching and making toiletries. I know all about crossing gender lines and I encourage it.

      • We just do what feels right. He’s recently started making soaps too, and his home made sauces are unbelievably good. I consider myself lucky to have found a new partner who is so comfortable with just doing what he enjoys, and ignoring what is traditionally male or female – he just does what he likes, and ignores what anyone thinks.

        For me, that’s a true sign of a strong, independent person 🙂

      • Agreed!

      • But I’ll let you know how the composting toilet turns out! I’m just in the researching and planning stages at the moment, the build should be happening next week onwards.

      • Awesome! I would love to kept in the loop.

  4. Jan

    I’ve used plain baking soda as deodorant for the past 30+ years. Works great for me. Dampen underarms with water, pour out some baking soda onto fingertips and put some on fingertips of each hand. Dab onto underarms, and rub in well. Blot off the excess baking soda on a towel.(I keep a small container of baking soda as my “deodorant container.”)

    • Yes this is exactly what I always have done too, but for some reason I am sweating a little bit more and this just is not cutting it.

      The coconut oil and tea tree are antibacterial and help the soda and starch stick. Hopefully, this will work a little better for me.

      xo L

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