Looking Good

I am just starting to feel better after being struck with a flu that is traveling around the Kingston area.  It was not a nice experience.  My sister and I both caught it from our little niece who brought it home from daycare.  It was so awful that both she and I begged to be shot many times during the worst 18 hours of our suffering.  It reminds me how difficult it is to suffer for those who are living in chronic pain or illness.  The frustration must certainly be overwhelming.

Now that I am feeling better I decided that a super cleaning was certainly in order.  I don’t often use bleach but make an exception when contagious illness enters my home.  I also use disposable towels too.  I put a little watered down bleach on the towels and I wipe down everything, then I throw the towels in the trash.  I super cleaned every inch of the in-house in this manner and treated the counters and floors in the tiny house the same.  After I bleached the floors I also covered them with wax because they were getting sort of dusty looking anyway and I sort of like my floors to shine.

Here are the results of my cleaning gig.Cleaned in-house

Cleaned floors

The stupid thing was I did not think about gravity opening the drop leaf table before I picked it up off of the sofa (to put it back on the floor).  Sooooo…. when I picked it up, it grabbed ahold of my skin on my tummy and pinched me.  It will take a few days for this little nasty to heal up.  Thankfully, I don’t wear a bikini anyway….

tummy pinch

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12 thoughts on “Looking Good

  1. Peter Johnstone Schulz

    Hi Laura, is that a composting toilet in you washroom? Have you had any issues with building departments or zoning issues? I live in Oro just north if Barrie and want to do something like you have done.



    • Hi Peter,
      I have friends up that way living similar to me and the inspectors have been a nightmare for them…
      The building inspector in the area where THO is, knew that I was building a tiny structure to stay in. No one has ever bothered me or knocked on the door. I understood from speaking to them that as long as it is under the 108 square feet footprint (which it is), that it does not count as a structure. In fact, I pay land tax as if nothing were there at all.
      I also understand from others who are in similar situations, that if you have neighbours that accept your being there and don’t call the office, that they don’t really bother with you.
      So far I am floating along now for three years as such, with good neighbours and no problems.
      It has not been the same for my tiny house friends up there. Basically, I know I am not being very helpful, I know… if you were in my township I could offer you only slightly better advice because every inspector sees things their own way.

      Best of luck to you,

  2. My mother-in-law (just passed at 104 years of good health) was a nurse and told how they used to swab down the hospital halls with rosemary tea (ticture? water?). Don’t know the strength, but I’ll bet you could find it somewhere. Maybe I’ll look myself. Just wondering now..

  3. Hey there,
    a nice alternative to bleach is Borax, just pop some into hot water and it desolves.

    Another more natural alternative;
    1 ltr bottle (1 quart for the southerners)
    25 drops of Tee Tree Oil
    35 drops of GSE

    shake it up, spray on, let sit then wipe off, repeat if necessary.
    Good luck

    by law I can not say how good it works, though I have seen it kill bacteria and viruses similar to Norwal without problems, under a microscope.

    • Thanks Wild, I know I should use alternatives and I normally do. I clean everything with baking soda, including me.

      • I have heard people use baking soda for self cleansing, how do you like it?

      • Works great, it is cheap, I am not allergic to it, I don’t stink and I feel clean. Seems great to me. It is not just a cost savings in the short run but aves a lot of money because I don’t sample products at the drug store now, so I don’t have to throw out (donate) everything that I wind up being allergic to – which is a lot of stuff. Even the organic products bother me.

      • Seems we have a lot more in common!…. I am allergic to anything scented as well, milk is a huge one for me, not lactose that would be easy, full on huge allergy.

        Scenting has been know to put me down for days as well.
        Take care and thanks for the responces

      • Ah… interesting… me too. Since I found out about the milk and gluten allergy (at the same time) the scent, reactions have gotten significantly less pronounced.

        On another unrelated note… you mentioned a few weeks back that you would really like to do the yurt building course with Bear. I am visiting him on Sunday and well check to see if he has any others in the wings. If he wants to get one set up I will email the details to you.

        Until then, all the best,

  4. Ouch that really looks,like it hurts. Glad you are feeling better. I don’t think I had ever seen pictures of you bathroom before, I like it…a lot.

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