Arrived at Tiny House Ontario and made great time.  No problems on the 401 today.  Woot!

Cold here when we arrived.  When you arrive in a cold house it takes a long time to warm it up but then once THO gets warm it is easy to keep that way.  It would be great to have a wood stove so it would be faster to get it warm.  It turns out that there is one that might actually work.  I will keep you posted on this.

As soon as I got there, I lit the propane camp stove and lots of candles too.  I wanted to get it toasty warm so that I would be able to leave THO for a couple of hours to attend a farewell event for my cousin and his family who are jumping countries – Canada to Australia.  Turns out we could not get it warm so the dogs came along.  I left the heat on and hope it will be toasty when we all get back.  Wish us luck!


Here it is at THO this afternoon.  Everyone had coats on, including the pack.


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3 thoughts on “Brrrrr

  1. disabledcyclist

    Stay warm,my friend! It was low 70’s here today,but that won’t last (got a short road ride in with the son though,so it’s good 😛 ).

    The DC

    • Was much better when we got home after the event. Today was gorgeous and warm. Not 70… but still pretty good for November 11.
      Sounds like a great day to be out on a bike!
      xo L

      • disabledcyclist

        It was…just wish I’d have known we were actually going for a ride (we had been lapping through here a few times,less than a mile each,then we decided to hit the road),I would have brought some H2O 😛

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