People in Need

I have just heard that The Dutch charity organization Mensen in Nood (People in Need) has started a very provocative campaign.  The Swedish fashion photographer Carl Stolz has taken photos of people in need.  They are posing with the typical stuff that the consumer culture we live in, has taught us to believe we need.

I think that it is smart and appropriate and hopefully effective.  It is certainly in line with my own beliefs about greed.  Hats off to this charity for pointing out disparity.  Hopefully it shows us that we can really do without and that we do have a little something to share with those who quite literally have nothing.

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One thought on “People in Need

  1. The concept of these photos is brilliant, but somehow, the mimicking of fashion and editorial photography helps diffuse the impact of the message, in my opinion.
    I want to follow your blog, and have to figure out how to do that. WordPress has changed much recently and I am having a bit of difficulty in negotiating it’s new system. Duh! oldie me! G

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