Lyme Disease

Good news today from our vet.  Rudigrrr Wolf’s 6 months test to recheck for his lyme disease came back really good from the vet.  The vet says “it is unlikely that he will have any residual problems”.  Poor guy had a lot of bites from being abandoned in the woods before he was found, rescued and housed with me.  I am  hoping that our vet is right!

After the vet called I gave the Little Wolf his quarterly haircut, albeit a little late.  He was starting to look like a big grey marshmallow.

He is really good about grooming.  He falls asleep for most of it and only wiggles if I am clipping the fur around his toes.  I think dogs must have very ticklish feet.  Imp dog always runs to hide when Rudigrrr gets groomed.  It is funny because she is smooth haired and has never had scissors near her in her life.  Imp has been hiding pretty much all day, silly girl!

Here is the tired little Wolf having a nap near the window.  The red pillow behind him was in perfect condition when he moved in here a year ago.  He spends hours chewing on it, so it is neither nice anymore nor is it trash because it is Rudi’s favourite toy.

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6 thoughts on “Lyme Disease

  1. Kitina

    Its great to hear he’ll be ok. I was surfing on kijiji and came across this wasn’t sure if it would be of any use to you. Hope you are not going crazy with NaNo

  2. disabledcyclist

    This is great news! 😀

    The DC

  3. Patti (from Hamilton too)

    Who in the world would even think of abandoning such a cutie. It’s a good thing you found him!

    • Hi Patti,
      I did not find him, he was abandoned with two other tiny dogs in the forest at Lemoine’s Point in Kingston Ontario. One in a crate, one tied with a leash and this little guy was running free and he found Colleen, then he brought Colleen to get his friends. She tried to locate the owners (incase, they were victims of a mean trick) by contacting all the vets and SPCA. After no one got back to her, 2 weeks later she contacted me because I had told her I could take one (no preference which one) if she needed to place them.
      There are some very gorgeous young tiny dogs right now at Niagara Humane Society on Facebook, The adoption fee is $300 but this includes all shots, the fix, microchipping so it is a GREAT DEAL!
      I agree with you! Who would think of abandoning any animal ever?
      xo L

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