Painted Window

When I am alone at Tiny House Ontario I look out this window.  It is not always possible to see out it, because it is often times fogged up.  Even though I can’t see out, it is still one of my favourite things to look to.

If I put an addition on Tiny House Ontario, then this will become a doorway, but I think I will put this window right in again in my bathroom or kitchen.

Such a simple creative piece, but it must stay.

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3 thoughts on “Painted Window

  1. jason

    love the blog found it today in my search for my own parcel of land to start my own off grid life and ended reading the entire blog.

    • Wow Jason! That is a lot of reading and very complimentary… Thank you!
      Are you in Ontario as well?
      I hope you find the perfect parcel!

  2. Bonnie Smith

    Yes… it must!

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