On the eve of writing an article for Tiny House Listings on the topic of being happy with less I thought I would show you what it looks like when you have too much stuff in a tiny house.

I am preparing for the Women’s Art Festival which is happening in Kingston Ontario on Sunday in City Park so I have a lot of work on the go!  My car is full to the roof too…

It is AWFUL to have so much stuff in this tiny space!!

My kitchen is filled and three of the paintings are wet so you can’t even move!  It is an obstacle course.  Hopefully I won’t need to eat between now and Sunday!

Paints and supplies on the window shelf Tiny Table with painting drying Hidden kitchen

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12 thoughts on “TOO MUCH STUFF!

  1. Hi Laura,

    Finally had a moment to find you! It’s Karen (KT) from Glass and Grind Artworks! Just wanted to say it was such a pleasure to meet such a kind and sweet soul as yourself! I hope you enjoyed the womens art festival and hope to meet up again with you soon.. Love your concept here. what a great way to enjoy life. We live in the country as well, but not really in a tiny home, but truly enjoy our surroundings. Blessings to you and hope we can connect again and chat. KT

    • Hi Karen! I found you guys on Facebook! I love your work and both of you are just awesome people! I look forward to touching base with you more on the topic of our collective and also just to chat! 😀
      What a pleasure to have such lovely and talented people in my hometown!

  2. Hannah

    You seem to contradict your ‘being happy with less’ post: you said, “…in terms of shopping, both new and used, it is all just increasing your pile of crap and using precious planet resources.” You use precious planet resources producing non-essentials in the form of paintings that you hope ‘shoppers’ will buy; this only adds to THEIR pile of ‘stuff’!

    You also have another house and much more ‘stuff’ in a faraway city. You are not living the minimal life you speak about, Laura, and you contribute more pollutants running up and down the 401.

    Perhaps you should ‘walk your talk’. I’ll take your posts seriously when you’re honest with yourself and us.

    • Dear Hannah,
      You have left similar comments both at Tiny House Listings as well as at my personal blog, Tiny House Ontario. I am assuming that you wanted me and my readers be treated to your special kind of justice.

      What is clear to me, by your comments in both locations that you are quite a judge; however, Ms. Green a good judge must come equip with all the facts.

      You indicate that I produce non-essentials in the form of paintings. It is true that I am a painter. I do not however see art as non-essential. As a matter of fact, I believe that art, music, books, family, friends, community are essential parts of life for human beings. These things are secondary to food, shelter, water, of course, but all of them have value.

      You are correct, I do own another house and each of my residences are at opposite ends of Lake Ontario. There are several things that you do not mention.
      1. That together they are less than a thousand square feet. Even with both of my homes I still live in less than 2/5ths the size of a standard North American home.
      2. I live in the Tiny House Ontario 8 months a year and then I go back to the other house where I spend the winter. It is rare for me to run up and down the 401 and burn fuel (though this was one of the points of judgment that you made at my blog). As a matter of fact, I keep track of every aspect of my life in order to fully disclose the manner of my life in my writing. Last year, I used 3.1 cubic tons of carbon where the national average is 20, this figure included all my vast travels.
      3. Tiny House Ontario is not yet completed. The project is still held back because I do not have the financial resources to finish THO and because my husband’s employment is on the other end of Lake Ontario the other home is still required as we depend on this income. THO still needs heating, running water and a kitchen in order to be lived in year around.

      As for you taking me seriously, honestly, I don’t give a shit what trolls like you think about me, and my lifestyle.

      If you feel that you have important things to say, I suggest that you write your own blog instead of trying to humiliate me in my own turf. Clearly you have nothing of value to add here.


      • WELL SAID…!! I’m rejoicing in your paintings….and your rock work is admirable… You are using all cylinders of your brain, and muscles… I call that well rounded….!!!

      • You go girl! People who have ugly things to say about others are mean, petty and live small lives, You put this opinionated witch in her place.

    • Was it REALLY NECESSARY to comment in that way…….??

  3. disabledcyclist

    Cool paintings 😀 That’s not so cluttered…you should see this place in all of it’s 1,200 Sq feet with neither child willing to help out (without lots of arm twisting 😛 )-we have WAAAAAY to much clutter (which would include,ironically,several books on decluttering 😛 )

    The DC

  4. The rhythmic abstract with the sgraffito-ed curving lines is lively and energetic – actually looks bigger than it probably is, and is lovely. Artist + tiny space = constant juggling of activities. I know, as my living space is 450square feet, quite palatial for my needs – except when making art. Have fun in Kingston!

  5. Some wonderful paintings here. I love the tree with the blue sky, and the tree at the bottom with the peach sky.
    When they’re all gone, you’ll get your life back, and know what not to do next time. LOL

  6. Your art is still so beautiful. I sympathize with you. I have too many projects going on at one time and my home is cluttered and driving me nuts.

  7. BJ

    Oh, but it is the most beautiful kitchen that can’t be eaten in that I have ever seen 😉 The first painting is particularly gorgeous. You truly lead a charmed life! Please enjoy it and I hope your paintings sell!

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