Big Bonny and Tree Hugger

Bonny is a huge oak tree.  She lives near the end of my driveway, since long before my driveway, and since long before I existed.

When my girlfriend Colleen Murphy came to visit, she took a number of photos of her.  We also noticed a coon up in her branches and today when I walked the dogs, I found that the coon was scurrying around up there, so Bonny must be her home.  I took a couple of photos of Colleen with Bonny and wanted to share the joy!

FYI: At about five foot up Bonny’s circumference is about five metres; I guess at her base she is more like 8 -9 metres.  She is a real living giant.

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One thought on “Big Bonny and Tree Hugger

  1. Velda

    That is one HUGE tree, and my favourite too 🙂

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