Funny Drawers

This Tiny space under the stairs has been driving me insane!  It is about 4 square feet of floor space but only about 12 inches of not very functional (low) kitchen counter top.  The thing is, that I knew if I could put drawers in there, that they would be totally wonderful because they would quadruple the space.  It is a work in progress and eventually, I will inset a pull out cutting board right under the counter top.  My grandparents house had these and they are super practical because they make more counter space by just pulling them out.

Cupboards would be easier and less expensive to build, but I enjoy cooking and to do this, one needs to have ingredients.  Kitchen drawers are simply a lot more funtional than cupboards, particularly in a Tiny space.

I really did not know what to do, so I googled, Utubed and so forth until I found a super easy way to do it.  Then I started a little bit at a time.  I went to Rona about ten times to get stuff.  The men who work there were really nice to me and cut everything perfect!  The drawers run really smooth and when the front face gets on there none of the yucky understuff that I am showing you in these photos will show up.

Since today was the last day that I had the rental car, so I picked up the front boards and had them cut to size too, but I thought I would wait to do the rest in the morning because today I actually felt like catching up on my blog posts.  Perhaps I will finish the job tomorrow or the next day?

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2 thoughts on “Funny Drawers

  1. Just found your blog and I like it!!

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