THO In Charge!

The battery is charged.  The lights are all in a state of go so I plugged in the inverter and got a green light!

Then I plugged in my cell and charged it.  It worked, interestingly, the draw was not large enough to be noted as a charge being needed in the big marine battery of the solar system.

Then I plugged in two computers to charge, this made the fan of the inverter turn on intermittently and it also allowed the solar panel to give more energy to the system.

The last photo shows the solar panel with the cloth porch in the background.  The wiring will need to go about 100 feet to gain access to THO.  For this to be up to code the wires need to be buried but in the stones this would be very difficult work indeed!  Also this would make the job of moving the panels so that they can catch better light depending on the season, darned near impossible.  The battery expert told me that rodents love to chew wires that are left outside and suggested that we encase the wires in plumbing tubes – but this is ugly stuff and also pretty awkward to move. I wonder if the wire which is encased in metal might work?

If anyone knows, I would very much appreciate feedback!

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