Last night I ran away from the hot and sticky THO and spent the night at my friend Liisa’s and I am also spending the night here now.  Thanks Liisa!

I left Liisa’s first thing in the morning and spent the day at THO working on my writing.  When the heat became too much I drove Baby back to Battersea Village and sat at The Creek and wrote in the air-conditioning.   I find it a pretty good place to work.  I stayed there until the server let us know that there was a severe weather warning in place.  The bad weather never came, either did the rain.

The poor garden is so pathetic looking.

My farmer friends are really worried about their crops and I worry too because I think that with the drought being so widespread, the cost of food is sure to increase.

Update on the subject of food cost was on the news today (July 18), here is the link

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One thought on “Heat

  1. Please contact me about doing an interview for August. I have so many questions about what your doing.

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