Wishing for Lots! Really?

Today, like yesterday, is not as hot as it has been.  But my garden is looking pathetic because of the drought.  There is no water left in my rain barrel and with no car it is difficult to drag water a half kilometer from my closest neighbour.  My dream of a zero mile diet is not going well at all.  Too, my friends/family who are vegetable farmers, and just down the road, are in the same boat as me; only it is worse since this is their livelihood.  You cannot water whole entire fields even if you have a good well and a hose or two.  It is just terrible!

My turnips, rutabaga and lettuce are all dead.  The Swiss chard is barely making it and it is the same with the beets.  My tomato plants and squash varieties look strong enough (in the plant) because I give them the most water because they are the most filling and easily managed produce once they come.  Still, the tomatoes are small and rock hard looking and the squashes while they produce flowers do not produce fruit.  I wonder if the flowers are all male?

Herbs need very little water and seem to be doing fine even so, the blocks of these might sustain an adult through a day or two, thus not exactly what I hoped.

On the other hand my writing is going well.  I have found a good groove and I think that the novel is flushing out really nicely.  It is a contemporary rural story, except I have written out all the mcmansions that are, in reality, taking over the fields. Though this year it does not matter much since the fields in most places are not producing food, next year it will matter again I hope.  Largely I find the take over of agricultural land, absolutely appalling and I do not want to give the people who do this any voice at all in my creative writing.

I thought I would let you all know that I recently heard from a radio show out of the United States, KBOO, Portland Oregon.  The host contacted me and wants to interview me about what it is like to be a woman who lives in a Tiny House.  I think I am reasonably good with words… paper words that is.  Electronic words too, are comfy for me.  Even so, I am not a person who likes or enjoys public speaking.  Strange thing is that this is always surprising to my friends who find me outgoing and find the fact that I talk to EVERYONE I meet to be (sort of) annoying and time consuming.  The truth of the matter is that I am actually a nervous talker who is a secret invert.  I feel awkward and judged in social situations and in more public situations I am pretty much convinced that a huge sign pops out of my forehead when I speak which says, STUPID PERSON – ALL SAID BY HER IS INVALID.  This is crippling.

Last night I finally spoke to my girlfriend Liisa about not really being comfortable with doing an interview.  She is astute as anything and I always respect her opinion even if I don’t always agree with her.  This time she said something like: “Laura, if you really want to pursue the creative life and be an advocate for simple living then you cannot do so without a certain amount of putting yourself out there.”  I squealed… “But I want to be a recluse”.  Still I know that she is right.

I will do my best to contact the host today via email and see if we can arrange an (EEEEGADS) interview… perhaps from Liisa’s phone since my Telus cell phone is totally not reliable in the forest (are any of them???).

Please send me any good vibes regarding not making a fool of myself, and also not feeling like a fool.  Both are equally important.  Confidence is so hard to come by… particularly for recluses who live in the middle of the forest!

If you have time too, please do a rain dance!   My poor little garden is so darn thirsty!

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2 thoughts on “Wishing for Lots! Really?

  1. jimmy

    Just get a list of questions beforehand, and practice your answers Laura. You will be brilliant!

  2. Anonymous

    lol…love the pic…xo Liisa

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