Solar Panel Prep

Tiny House Ontario does not get a lot of direct sun because it is located in the middle of the forest.  The clearing where the garden is located has also got enough space and light for the Tiny Solar array.  I decided to build a small deck for it to sit on so that the ground cover plant will not hinder the sun rays getting through.  This location will mean that the wires will have to run about 50 feet before they enter Tiny House Ontario.

I am really looking forward to having this up and running!

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2 thoughts on “Solar Panel Prep

  1. Ahh, I know that set. In the states, it’s made by a company called Harbor Freight, and is rated for about 45 Watts. Unfortunately, it’s a little expensive these days. It’s been quite a while since $5 a watt was a competitive cost. These days, it’s more like $1 a watt. A place like this ( will get you 200 Watts for power for the same cost.

  2. You can totally do this! It isn’t unlike what we did for our solar install recently. We decided not to mount the array on the pole in the ground the concrete so we could move it to catch the sun at different times of the year. Your little solar deck looks fantastic.

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