My Self Shelf

Space is an issue at Tiny House Ontario.   I have read a lot of words from other Tiny Housers and they all have different strategies but for the most part containing yourself within a Tiny House takes some thought.  I am fortunate because I have a lot of time to transition because I own another home in another city but even so, living in and containing myself within Tiny House Ontario is my objective.

My strategy was to bring the things that I knew I would NEED and also to bring the things that I feel that my life would not be complete without.  Margaret Lawrence wrote in her book, The Diviners, something to the effect that she need not have kept it because her head was sturdy enough containment and I suppose she is right.  Even so, there are things that simply ground me and I guess they feel spiritually important to my person.  I have two shelves with just such items on it.  This contains:


A large photo of my family on Violet (grandma’s) side.

An oil burner from my trip to the Czech republic which is made by burning it under the earth in the old way.

The Black Maria pewter icon from Germany.

A Pope Joan tile from my friend Ginny.

A 75 year old mutant sheep foot.

A graduation gift from my friend Aaron it is the Queen’s shield on pewter.

Photos of my late dogs.

A Chutski from Professor Kobayashi who was one of my mentors.

Altar items such as my grounding stones, essential oils, a burning shell, tarot and medicine wheel cards, ritual oil burner.

A Tiny glass globe which makes me hope that everything in the world will become clear.

A sign I made from a slice of a tree that was removed for my driveway which says: Treating yourself like a precious object will make you strong. ~Julia Cameron

A yogi from Bali.

An inlayed box from BC made my the Haidas.

A few things that my son made for me when he was wee, as well as a soapstone carving he did when he was about 20.

Rosie the Riveter on a little black box.

A penny jar that says hopes and dreams – I put found change into this because I read once many years ago that found change has a spiritual significance, if you pick it up – it brings good things to you whereas if you ignore it, then you are throwing away your opportunity at good karma.

A photo of Violet and Bob taken near the end of the Great Depression when things were just starting to look up for them and others.

The Artist’s Way work.

Books that I am writing.

If you had only about 2 square feet to contain your favourite things, could you do it?

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