Chocolate Coating

Leo and Kyle were back at work again early this morning.

First they got the West wall done.

Then they finished up the East wall.

They did not do the South wall over the cloth porch for two reasons, firstly, I neglected to order enough J-trim and secondly I did not buy fabric to recover the cloth porch which will need to have the ceiling cut out so that they can work.  Kyle is going to bend a piece of J trim, eves trough and facia panels for the in-house.  They will be back to finish the week after next and I will update you then.

These men never stopped all day.  Finally at the end of the work day in the heat and humidity, the father and son team cracked a well deserved cold one.  I hope it was yummy!

After the men left, I took a photo, as you can see Tiny House Ontario is brown and lovely like a big brick of Cadbury chocolate, perhaps I should paint candy canes on the corner and have my chainsaw artist friend Steven Kenzora (from Peterborough) carve me some large gumdrops for corner cornices so it looks a little like the witch’s house in the famous German fairy tale?

I am happy that it is done on three sides and also that everything is tidy!  If you visit after the rain, the blue chalk lines will be already washed away.

A huge thanks to Leo and Kyle for their great work!

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One thought on “Chocolate Coating

  1. Velda

    What a difference from when we were just there! Looks magnificant! Good enough to eat 😉

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