Steeling Chocolate!

My childhood friend Allan calls Tiny House Ontario “The Chocolate Shed”.  For those of you who don’t know me… this is owing to my huge addiction to Cadbury chocolate.  When I looked at the photos for the first time, it suddenly dawned on me that I picked steel that is the same colour as my favourite food group.  I think that Allan will like this!

It was raining the morning; even so the men arrived to put the steel up on Tiny House.  They said better a little rain then the horrible heat we have been having and got right to work!

Getting the corner and J-trim on took quite some time, but by 11:00 they were getting the first big sheet on.

Tiny House looks TINY against these big lads!  By the way, ladies, the young lad in blue (Kyle) is quiet, fit, handsome, handy, 28 and SINGLE.

The front of the house was the first side which was finished.

Then Leo and Kyle worked on the East Side of Tiny House Ontario but it is 5:00 pm so they packed up for the day and may come back tomorrow to get the rest up.  It won’t take as long because the trim and corners are already cut so it is just the sheets that need to be put up.

It changes the look of the place as you come down the driveway, that is for sure!

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4 thoughts on “Steeling Chocolate!

  1. Allan Campbell

    Looks absolutely delicious

    • I knew that you would like it! I hope you will come back for a visit. It would be great to catch up! Hugs

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  3. Anonymous

    and now we have the Chocolate House..LOVE IT!!

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