Tie a Yellow Ribbon…

My cousin Beth’s husband Paul is returning from being stationed in Kabul.  I thought, since Tiny House Ontario has a HUGE oak tree (named Bonny) that we would welcome Paul back home by putting a huge yellow ribbon on her.

At the store I purchased two-and a half inch wide, satin yellow ribbon, in a 12 foot long roll.  I imagined Bonny with a lovely big yellow bow to flamboyantly welcome Paul home!  It made me happy to think about and be able to do a little something to acknowledge the sacrifices that he and Beth make.

I went to tie the ribbon on, only then did I realized that Bonny is not just huge but something beyond huge.  So there was not enough ribbon left after going around her big trunk to make a nice bow.

Actually, there was not even enough ribbon to go all the way around Bonny!

Bonny is apparently 14-15 feet around!  So I tied a piece of red ribbon in there for the rest of Canada so that we could all welcome him home.  He will only be here for a short time before he has to return.

God speed to you Paul.

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