Pet Emergency

I got a notification on Facebook the other day about what to do in case of a pet emergency.

I thought that it was very useful, but I also thought I really better get the dogs familiarized with riding a motorcycle because this is my only means of transportation.  I am about a year late with this.  Honey is a no go, so too is Imp; both of them are far too nervous even to be put in the carry bag.  So, I hope that friends and neighbours will be able to assist me, as Liisa did last year when Phyllis died from her long ago abuse (she was rescued from a crack house and had severe injuries).

Minnie and Rudigrrr Wolf are A-OK with the bike.  The neighbours and friends who saw her  and the Wolf had a good laugh.

This is what a Emergency Preparedness for pets looks like at Tiny House Ontario.

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One thought on “Pet Emergency

  1. Valerie

    You are awesome!

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