Sooooo yummmmmmy!




I was totally craving coconut milk the other night and to my surprise I had both a can of it and a can opener.  No recipe book.  This is what I put together and I am going to share it now for two reasons.  Both because it is good and because I have a habit of not writing down my own inventions and then I forget….

Tiny House Ontario veggies and rice with coconut milk (total prep and cook time 30 minutes)

Turn the BBQ on high

In BBQ pan put a quarter cup of water

A teaspoon of salt and another of fresh ground pepper

In pan put (I used all Ontario Organic stuff – except the coconut milk… which does not grow here)

1 large cut up onion

2 big garlic cloves chopped up

1 small broccoli

2 sweet peppers

2 vine tomatoes

Put this pan in the BBQ and cook the veggies until they are semi cooked (asian style)


1 can of coconut milk

2 cups of cooked rice

Stir in and check occasionally.  It becomes a little thicker and very bubbly at the side and this is when it is ready.

Taste for salt before serving.  I needed a little more, but I like salt.  A little fresh cilantro would dress this up for company but is not at all necessary because it is already great.

I hope you will try and that you enjoy this as much as I did!




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