I have a place to go!  The in-house (eco-outhouse) is finally done!

A sink and toilet are fully enclosed and I will also have an outdoor shower.  The little building is right beside the Tiny House – One opens the window and walks thorough to get into the tiny in-house….  The building is fully removable if I get into any issues with Tiny House Ontario being larger than 9x 12 now.

It adds just 16 square feet of living space (minus the 3 and 5/8ths wall on three sides and it is in fact so small that it had to be built from the inside out.  Plastic, then tile-wallboard, This was then insulated from the outside and after this the plywood was nailed on and the steel roof too.

My friend Leo did most of the work because a lot of it was out of my element and also with it being so darned small… workspace was pretty limited.  As easy on the eye as Leo is… being in a 4×4 room together working is a might too small.  ;-P

My cousin Vernie built me a beautiful custom vanity with a carved floral door and it has a Habitat for Humanity sink in it, which was $20… It makes the room really pretty.

I have to tallied the costs yet but even so – The interior is done and ready and in use.  I have not yet put in the eves trough and rain barrel, so there is no running rain water yet but the drains work so I use a small enamel pitcher to wash for now.  When the rain water is done, I will tally and I will let you know what the 4×4 (exterior measure) bathroom cost.

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5 thoughts on “In-house

  1. Nancy M.

    Lucky you, BOTH your helpers are easy on the eyes. Great job!

  2. melancolleen

    It’s really lovely, Laura! Nice job…looked like a lot of fun to build it, as well. :^)

  3. Michael

    “This was then INSULTED from the outside and after this the plywood was nailed on and the steel roof too.” I am hoping you insulated the wall and didn’t hurl insults at it like it says.

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