Crazy Crazy Glued

When I purchased the four foot counter top for my place and it was 2 and 3/4 inches too short I just sighed a little and accepted it.  This may have been the right thing to do in retrospect.

I put a piece of wood in there and aside from the appearance, it worked just fine for me at that size and shape.

Still, I was visiting the Home Hardware in Gananoque and getting a  piece of plywood cut and noticed that there was a piece, the same as mine, left over and sitting in the waste and thought I should ask.  The young lad doing the cutting said that the counter guy was gone and therefore he would not let me buy it and told me to come back the next day.

Next day, I went and talked to Diana who asked me to show her the piece – she went back with me to see it and talk to the guy and the store manager Laura said – if the lads can cut it, I can have it… so I left it too them.  Jim, showed the patience of Job and did an excellent job with the cut which was a funny one because it goes under the stairs.  I brought it home and it slid right into spot.  One problem though was that the little cut end was still exposed – but ever frugal, I had a little sample of the counter top, so I used my Japanese saw and custom fit it for the end.

Anyway – this is when things got hinky.  They did not have crazy glue at the store so I got the store brand and this came to so fast that I had the stuff everywhere.  It covered my left hand and sadly, I glued myself right to the little counter top.  I can tell you that gluing your fingers together is NOTHING but if you glue yourself to something smooth like a new counter, you are in trouble and do you know, it hurts too.  I took the counter out and went outside and used an exacto-blade to cut myself free.  Left a good layer of skin there. I also needed to get a manicure because took so much skin and nail off of the left hand.

Still, the counter is in and it looks finished now that I have scraped my thumb off it.

Thanks to Gananoque Home Hardware for all the effort… I wonder if you might be able to help me with the bit missing from my thumb?



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