Foiled, Spoiled and Kaputt!

For about a thousand and one little reasons, some obstacles, and things that have suddenly popped out of the wood work that need doing here, I am not going to make it to Tiny House Ontario this weekend.

It is really disappointing too because I have a new baby niece (my first biological one) even though my own family is grown up now.  I am just so much older than my siblings that I am more like the age of a mom (than a sister) to them.  Anyway, I am looking forward to meeting baby Violet and am disappointed that I have to wait a whole other week!

I am also not too happy because I have 12 paintings framed and ready to put up at Hatter’s Bay and I know that there have been many people looking forward to seeing them, so I feel like I am a bit of a disappointment.

I am also unhappy because I want to be at the Tiny House and I want to have my bike on the road and, and, and…

It is 4:30 here in Ontario right now and I have not stopped for a minute and still have not put a dent in the stuff that needs doing.  So I decided to sit down here and whine, just a little about my spoiled plans.

I am done now.  I am sorry if you have been looking for my work and have not found it.  Still, I bet you were able to find some yumminess, and that you saw some interesting stuff and ideas!

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