Please, help me until I can help myself

No one has asked but I think that it is important to note that I built the tiny house very far away from where I normally live. Eight hours away by roadway (because I drive a small motor bike), four hours by highway, if I get a lift, and 6 hours by train if I get a good connection.  Obviously, I would need some help.

Obviously I needed a place to stay while I was building. Here in I let you know about my family/friends Liisa and her daughter Lydiah. Liisa is the daughter of Woodchuck John. Niece of Builder Leo. This family is a part of my life since I was a little kid. The significant thing, should anyone have missed this, is that I have a strong emotional connection to them and that they are my family by osmosis.

So, back to the issue of how I survived the build. I basically landed in on Liisa’s small home and took over Lydiah’s room from April 23rd until June 16th of 2011. That is right, me, I am the houseguest from hell. I planted myself, like a shit on a wool blanket, for about 35 of 54 days in their sweet little home. I could, I suppose, have stayed in a hotel, tent or borrowed a trailer – but Liisa and Lydiah opened their home which was both economical and fun as well as convenient. Too, I really love them both, so it was great for me! When I was not with Leo on the land, I was with the girls having a good time. Lots of laughs, which is my favourite thing to do!

Further than that, when they finally got me out of Lydiah’s bed. I still did not get out of their hair until fall. I was there nearly every day still because I stored my dog’s raw food at their home, I filled water containers and also showered at their home all summer and fall. Still more! I also charged my cell phone and drill as well as used their wireless. Without Liisa and Lydiah I would have been mighty stinky, dehydrated and also quite stir crazy because I do love my technology!

Next spring, I plan on some additional conveniences. I still cannot afford to drill an 80 foot well, so I will still have to run after fresh water. This said, while I will not have fresh water, I have already started a rain water collection system – this will mean that I can wash at the tiny house using my rain water! I also intend on putting in a small solar array in order so that I can run a fridge, lights and charge my own drill and wireless device.

For the upcoming summer, just like the last one, I will get water from Vernie and Liisa but with the rain water collection, I should not need nearly the same amount because I will, of course, wash in the rain water and I think if I boil this I can also wash dishes in it too.

Unfortunately, I did not take a photo of my rain barrel, so this is not mine (nor is it my photo) but mine is similar. I will raise mine up on a platform in order so that I can secure flow in at sink level and this should allow me to be able to wash quite nicely there as well.

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2 thoughts on “Please, help me until I can help myself

  1. What a great rain Barrel…but please have an enclosed space where you are going to shower….

    • Yes, it will be in the deluxe out house, the room will be built partially from cement and have floor drains.

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