Dreaming about a place to pee

Two cute little kids live in a home which is close to my tiny house and they come to visit me frequently to have a candy from my auto refill dish. The youngest suddenly realized that there was no bathroom in my Tiny House, and said: “where do you go to the bathroom?” I answered: “in the woods.” The response: “Oh Gross!” I asked: “Where do you use the toilet?” The answer: “In my bathroom. My response: “you poop in your house? Now that is gross!” I was met with big eyed amazement and no response. Poor kids!

Still, this smart, small person has it right! If you have ever lived in a home with no toilet facilities you may also understand why this particular problem keeps me up at nights. Yes, going out in the night in a region where there was a bear sighting this summer, wolves are frequent visitors, coyotes howl and cougars are becoming increasingly prevalent is a bit scary. Not to mention that there is a a loony living within walking distance, and the prison capitol of the WORLD is right there, next city. So it is not exactly ideal to have to pee in the night out of doors, and obviously I contemplated if I really NEED to about go out from time to time.

I think this spring I will resolve this issue by building a tiny additional building. I am thinking that a 4×6 will be exactly right – at the front – a breezeway next to the door and then the deluxe outhouse attached to this. I have made a drawing but I am NO expert with photoshop, so it is not as clear on here as it is in my head. Thankfully, I much better with a paper and pencil due to years of drafting in school. Thank you Mr. Phil Hegarty! I use this skill that you passed to me, frequently! Still with no scanner, I can’t draw it for my readers that way so this will hopefully give you an idea of my plans

The circle in this drawing is to represent a urine separator unit with a sort of collector for the other stuff. The drains will both have sinks that drain and have running (collected rain water) from the roofs (tiny house and addition). I got a wonderful collector bucket this summer which is made out of an industrial relish barrel. Quattrochi’s in Kingston sells them. They are a lot sturdier and way cheaper than the standard ones at $50.-. I will raise this up to sink height so that I get enough flow for hand washing.  The pink dots are the planned raised rain barrel array.

I will install a drain for the urine as well as two for the rain water. One in the out house and the other in the breezeway so that I have a sink to do the dishes in without having to manually dump. I already use ecological cleaners so I think that there will be nothing to worry about regarding the drains.

Poop, tissue and sawdust will be buried from time to time.

Anyone with experience in these matters please let me know what you think.

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One thought on “Dreaming about a place to pee

  1. Have you considered Joseph Jenkins’ humanure plans? I know that the idea can be off-putting initially (it was to me) but he’s 100% correct in saying that there is no scent, which is more than I can say for some of the other compost toilets. It’s a very easy build, simple to maintain, *indoors*, and in a couple of years you’ll have usable compost. 🙂

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