Interior and life in motion

The inside of my Tiny House got a lot more comfortable this summer.  Not bad for a few months of work!

Getting a solar light installed was a great thing!  Hopefully next spring I can get a little more power going for a little fridge, lights and also to plug in my iPad.

My dogs and I were happy there but we stayed only until early fall, because there were other things pressing me – both financially and family wise – in Hamilton.

This is the first house I built… My Tiny House is fantastic but, still lacks a few things… Here is what I don’t have yet.

No main source of power (except the small solar light).

No heat source.

No running water.

No garden.

No indoor toilet facilities.

No exterior board and batten…

but all the same, for 100 days this summer.  I painted, had friends in, worked, pursued The Artist’s Way, wrote and enjoyed my life. I learned that it is surprising what you can do without, really!  My friends Liisa, Lydiah, John and my cousin Vernie helped me with computer use, water and laundry.  Next year I hope to be even more independent.

Yes, 2012 is another year…

For any of you who are interested in actually pursuing this sort of life style, the costs will be looked at in a future entry or entries.

With the above said, I have a disclaimer, I made a fatal error that cost me exactly $2800 extra – this number is one I recall quite readily.

Here is what it looked like in August 2011

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One thought on “Interior and life in motion

  1. Bonnie Smith

    It is so great to be able to do art outside in the summer! I am jealous of your studio!

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