Georgia Solo

Red Solo Cup

I recently wrote a column on Tiny House Entertainment for Tiny House Listings.  In this article I suggested that one consider carefully what space they will allow for entertainment.  What I had not considered is that there are people all over the world who can find and make their own entertainment.  Some people can even provide entertainment to others with virtually nothing but their own talent.

I knew I missed the boat when I saw this video come up on my Facebook thread!

This is my cousin Georgia, her red solo cup and her angelic vocal cords.  Clearly she has offered a great instrument for the Tiny House community… A whole band can be set up for $1.69 and then they stack away neatly or can be filled and used when you are doing playing.

Maybe I will have better luck with this than with the strumstick?  Or perhaps Hj can play the strumstick, Georgia the solo cup and it is back to the spoons for me.  Georgia can do the singing; maybe her mom too?  Marnie also has great vocal cords and she also plays the uke!  How does that sound for a Tiny House band?

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3 thoughts on “Georgia Solo

  1. Anonymous

    Excellent- you seem to have it all, even gnomers. You must be the envy of all the Tiny Houses everywhere. I hope that someday I will join the movement. Until then I will enjoy your post. Thank you much! ~F

  2. Connie

    Hi Laura:
    This is your cousin Connie with a comment on your painting of THO from yesterday’s blog. I like the painting. It’s very lyrical and the strong, happy colors make it interesting. So glad to see that you follow your muse in life.

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