Are you a DIY Person



Laura my Tiny House twin from 120 square feet wonders if you are you thinking about building your own Tiny House?  More so, are you a DIY?

Her guest post at Tiny House Talk mentions THO in her article.  Thanks Laura!

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9 thoughts on “Are you a DIY Person

  1. No problem at all! I think the tiny house movement is made for people like us – people who can’t stand still and let life just happen. We want to make it ourselves.

    • I could not agree more! As you know, (I think) I could not swing the Dickinson stove, so I have to close up really soon. Last night just about froze off this witch’s titties – so it is true… that can happen! tee hee.
      I guess I will start painting again and I am hoping I can sit long enough there in Hamilton to edit.
      I can’t wait to see how you make out in the winter! You are my later ego Laura for sure on this issue.
      xo L

  2. Cookie

    Hi Laura, I’ve been following your blog, and am fascinated by your tiny house. I someday dream of owning land and building my very own tiny house in Ontario. It was nice, I was googling to find other blogs about building a tiny house and stumbled across and saw that you were mentioned. It was so cool that a blog I follow and love so much was mentioned and the fact you are Canadian just rocks. 😀 Keep up the great work, and your house is coming along beautifully. I love your inhouse.

    • Thank you Cookie!
      I am glad that you read my blog and really happy that you find inspiration in it!
      I hope that you will be able to build a Tiny House of your own too.
      xo L

      • Cookie

        Laura, I’ve been playing around with possible floor plans. I know to be permit free the structure has to be no more then 108 sq ft (outside dimenions) and no more then 15.5 feet tall. My 2 questions are can my ceilings be any height? Also I’d like to have a 3 x 3 covered porch at the front door, will this idea take away from my total sq footage? Thanks Cookie

      • Hi Cookie,
        I can’t really give you advice, because I am not a building inspector, or a neighbour of yours and the problem is liability, you understand. This problem is the bane of all Tiny Housers… nothing is clear really – what is allowed is absolutely left in the hands of your local inspector or falling under the radar of them. I have been very lucky.

        In my area, the restrictions are 108 square feet outside dimensions (THO is on a 9×11’9″ slab and framed that way in order to give wiggle room for the siding).
        Do you already have land? For me, until the land was purchased I must have drawn a thousand house plans, small then Tiny, but I am a huge believer in knowing your land before you actually plan your home because of the direction of the sun and breeze. Once I had my land, the plan was only adapted a Tiny (tee hee) bit!
        A porch would be nice, you are right because shoes are a nuisance and not unlike the Tiny House mentor of the world, Jay Shafer, I am a bit of a shoe hoarder… Still.. I imagine if it is closed then it counts in your square footage.
        xo L

      • Cookie

        Hi Laura,
        I do not have land yet, I’m debating about where to settle. I was born in Kingston, raised in Trenton but live in Kitchener. I love the Tumbleweed houses. I’d love to build one but I believe it would classify as camping and I want to own my own land. My only desires is for water on my land and cell/satelite signal.

  3. Thanks Laura! 🙂

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