The cloth porch

There was nothing that made my life as comfortable at my Tiny House, as the cloth porch!  I build this from a cheap screen door, 7 left over boards, $20 worth of deeply discounted ugly fabric, a few screws and and two boxes of staples… I think this was money, and time, really well spent!

No black flies, deer flies, horse flies and a semi private place to bathe.  Also it is a pretty big room to have a party in!  Big!  9×12!  It is really a matter of perspective.

Here is what it looked like in July 2011

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One thought on “The cloth porch

  1. Bonnie Smith

    GREAT idea! I love the idea of the outdoor room. Especially covered so that you can enjoy outdoors without the flesh-eating monsters from hell creating hamburger of your epidermis.

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