Bound to go… tiny AGAIN…

Well, I have sold my big city house and purchased a 900 square foot one closer to the centre of Hamilton. I am getting settled in here now and have caught up on my writing. I started painting again and, I am planning a trip to visit my tiny house for a week. Not sure how the tiny house will be in December with no heat. I did get a small propane heater which you light outside and then bring in. It seems to stink but it is the best that I can do for the time being. Also I have about 30 candles there. It seems silly, but I expect that multiple candles will actually keep it warm once the propane heater brings the temp up to normal, two candles worked on cold evenings last fall. I will know more after my visit.

I am not yet unpacked in my small city house, and this morning my husband says, “can I make you a cup of tea? Interesting call this morning, it seems that I will be offered a job in Germany, not until 2014 though. How do you feel about a move?. Well… the small house here in Hamilton is the 32nd home I have been in. I say, will your brother build us a tiny house in Germany? I am keeping my tiny house here, so that I can visit and come back if I want.

Yodelaheeeewhooooo! Who does not love Munich? I certainly do!

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