6 Little Corners

Here is my little slice of land outlined in white.  I am planning on a tiny house at the edge of the land just where it begins to expand.  This will make the little structure about 600 feet from the road frontage and back far enough in the woods that I have some privacy.  In Ontario one can build under 108 square feet without a building permit.  I would have liked to build 300 square feet and have a little indoor bathroom but this is not allowed.  ~700 square feet is the smallest building that one can put up so if I want to build tiny I have to build without a permit.  So, 108 square feet it is!  At least my taxes will not go up!

2011 Google image

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2 thoughts on “6 Little Corners

  1. Are you allowed more than 1-108 sq ft building? You could have a kitchen, and a bunkie separate?

    • I can’t seem to get a conclusive answer on this and do not want to go to the expense, only to be told to rip it down. xo L

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