Getting in…

I got a few estimates for a driveway.  They wanted lots of money… $14,000 to be exact.  So I spoke to my late dad’s best friend, John (or Woodchuck if you prefer) and he said to leave it with him.  Over the fall, he got together a few of his friends and they carved me out a path into my land.  I have to say, I am pretty lucky that my dad knew such a good guy!  I got a few loads of gravel.  Exactly $1930. worth and tada!  I still have to get the culvert installed and the permits… but even so I believe that I am very fortunate to be friends with Woodchuck!  We should all be so lucky to have such a good person in our lives!  Here we are in April 2011!  

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One thought on “Getting in…

  1. Anonymous

    Very nice driveway Woodchuck!

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