Artist Drying Rack for Paintings

Have you ever priced one of these things???  UGH!  If you ever thought about buying a rack for this purpose, you will know they cost between $250 and $700 largely variable for size and quality.  On a scale of 1-10 on how hard this was to make, this one is a ONE.  All you need is a saw (or someone to cut four 6 inch long pieces), and a drill.

This drying rack has 8 three foot long bars so I can dry anywhere between 8 and 24 paintings at a time, depending on the size of them.  Cost for this was $0 and the time it took me to make it was 20 minutes.

I got the side rails for the crib from someone who turned the rest of theirs into a bed when their child outgrew the crib.  One man’s garbage is this girl’s happiness!  These two sides, and the  four pieces of 2×2 cut to SIX inches in length were all it took.  I drilled holes through the sides into the 2×2 (to keep the 2×2 from splitting, screwed them together, and that was it.

The only drawback to my free one is that it can’t be folded up and tucked away… but you could hang a blanket on it and leave it in your bedroom or use it for a magazine rack.  it is only 7 inches wide so, it does not take a lot of space and so it could even go in the hallway.

Mine will always be in use!  I am glad to have one and happier still because it was FREE!


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4 thoughts on “Artist Drying Rack for Paintings

  1. Barb

    Your work is stunning. ..I enlarged the photo to get a look at what was on the rack.
    Do you have a website to view your work?

    • Thank you Barb!
      If you are close to Kingston, Ontario you can take a 12 week course from me. I will be teaching classical painting and if you do your homework you can bring home a a finished piece at the end of the course.
      Also, if you are there I have some of my work at Martello Alley Art Gallery in downtown Kingston.
      If you are not close, i have my stuff all over the internet so if you look me up, you can see what I do. My name is Laura Moreland
      Thanks again!
      ❤ L

  2. Dan Malloy

    Now I understand the term ‘starving artist.’ 🙂 Great project!

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