Artist Drying Rack for Paintings

Have you ever priced one of these things???  UGH!  If you ever thought about buying a rack for this purpose, you will know they cost between $250 and $700 largely variable for size and quality.  On a scale of 1-10 on how hard this was to make, this one is a ONE.  All you need is a saw (or someone to cut four 6 inch long pieces), and a drill.

This drying rack has 8 three foot long bars so I can dry anywhere between 8 and 24 paintings at a time, depending on the size of them.  Cost for this was $0 and the time it took me to make it was 20 minutes.

I got the side rails for the crib from someone who turned the rest of theirs into a bed when their child outgrew the crib.  One man’s garbage is this girl’s happiness!  These two sides, and the  four pieces of 2×2 cut to SIX inches in length were all it took.  I drilled holes through the sides into the 2×2 (to keep the 2×2 from splitting, screwed them together, and that was it.

The only drawback to my free one is that it can’t be folded up and tucked away… but you could hang a blanket on it and leave it in your bedroom or use it for a magazine rack.  it is only 7 inches wide so, it does not take a lot of space and so it could even go in the hallway.

Mine will always be in use!  I am glad to have one and happier still because it was FREE!


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6 thoughts on “Artist Drying Rack for Paintings

  1. Where does this fit into the tiny house you live in?

    • Hi Maggie,
      Good question! Currently, I live at Tiny House Ontario half time. This is currently at my small house in Hamilton Ontario where I have a tiny studio and it sits there under my working table.
      This said, it is our plan to move to Tiny House Ontario when my husband retires. At this point my house will have grandfathered in and once this happens I can add a 108 foot extension to the front of the house, where my cloth porch sits now. When I do this, my current bedroom will become my studio and the addition will have a kitchen downstairs and our bedroom upstairs (off my studio). Oil painters like me always need a place to dry their work so unless I come up with a better solution, this rack will come with me because it takes up only a couple of square feet and will go under my studio working table. 😀
      Kind regards,

  2. Barb

    Your work is stunning. ..I enlarged the photo to get a look at what was on the rack.
    Do you have a website to view your work?

    • Thank you Barb!
      If you are close to Kingston, Ontario you can take a 12 week course from me. I will be teaching classical painting and if you do your homework you can bring home a a finished piece at the end of the course.
      Also, if you are there I have some of my work at Martello Alley Art Gallery in downtown Kingston.
      If you are not close, i have my stuff all over the internet so if you look me up, you can see what I do. My name is Laura Moreland
      Thanks again!
      ❤ L

  3. Dan Malloy

    Now I understand the term ‘starving artist.’ 🙂 Great project!

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