Canadian Tiny Houses

Hey all, since there may be some new people coming here because of the National Post Article today, I wanted to repost this and ask if you are a tiny houser and want to be part of this list, please send me a note here or on Facebook, so I can include you. Here is the link to the article. 

Tiny House Ontario

I was very stoked when I heard from Natalie yesterday.  She is I think, the newest tiny house person in Canada.  You can see about her here.  She is located a couple of hours drive from Tiny House Ontario, in Quebec.  This is the first finished or almost finished tiny house, I have heard about since learning about Lydiah’s tiny house in Saskatoon.

I am sure there are others of us and I would very much like to add you to this list.

If you are living in a tiny house please leave a comment here or privately on the Tiny House Ontario Facebook page and I will contact you.  If you don’t want your house to be public information I will not disclose.  If you are interested I will add you to this list with a link to your blog.

Here are the Canadian tiny houses…

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Tiny Houses

  1. Tina Tara

    Hi! I am getting ready to build and move into a TINY HOUSE in Southern Ontario by end of 2017. I have several friends who are also interested in land and building etc. Does anyone know of any existing communities/ land available, an easy drive from Toronto? Thanks.

    • Hi Tina, have a look at the posts that I have put up on Facebook in the last few months. You will find leads there.

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