Volunteers needed!

HAMILTON Ontario and area people. Fred’s House needs volunteers for building the house. Even if you can’t come, please share if you are local!
Please inbox here or on Facebook with contact details if you are available.

NEED: Today or Tuesday with a truck for 1.5 hours. (to pick up some building supplies).  Please bring work gloves.
ALSO NEED: daytime Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to finish two frames and to insulate and close them in.  Even if you have only an hour or two, please.

REALLY NEED: Many people Saturday December 12th (morning to complete) to put the house together like a jigsaw puzzle.

If you can come to help with labour, and you have them, please bring gloves, charged cordless drill/driver with a 10 robertson bit, charged cordless circular saw, hammer, tape measure, saw horses.

ALSO FOR SATURDAY NEED: Fred’s House also needs a truck or two on Saturday, early morning for pick up at Laura’s house and drop off at Fred’s

Also if you have been thinking about making a donation and have not done so, we are still a long way away from what we need to make this happen.  There is just enough money for the structure, if there is NOTHING that comes up.  We do not have heat, a bed, storage, hooks, a counter, a butane cooker.  Which is to say that all she is gaining at this point is protection from the wind and rain as well as a locked door.  I hope we can do better! Lets get her a warm place two weeks before Christmas!  It is getting so cold out there!


Fred’s current house

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11 thoughts on “Volunteers needed!

  1. What a wonderful project to help this dear soul named Fred – I will share far and wide – Hoping this leads to strong support of a “Tiny Houses Initiative” under the Strong Communities Through Affordable Housing Act

  2. David

    Im a builder and Id love to help out – im in Toronto but dont mind driving out.

    • Hi David, this is great! We have another fellow coming in from Toronto for this on Saturday as well. Somewhere around 8:30 am here sound OK with you?

  3. Rachel

    What is the address so my husband and I can help when we can?!

  4. Ellen

    Where will this tiny house be placed for use in the city that it will comply with bylaws

    • That is a good question Ellen and one that has no simple answer.

      However, a better question that one has to ask yourself. What sort of world to we live in – when those who are in power say it is legal for a woman to live under a pile of pallets and illegal for her to live in a tiny house of the same size in the same location?

      We will put the house where she currently lives, we will build it light enough (hopefully) so that four strong people can lift it should hell break loose. We will hope that it does not.

      This said, I think/hope that the Strong Communities through Affordable Housing act SHOULD protect her. Time will tell us.

    • Anita

      What a silly question. It will likely go in the same location as her pallet home (which likely doesn’t have a permit either) geesh!

      • 2BarA

        Not silly; a perfectly valid question. No need for negativity and criticism surrounding this very positive project. Laura gave a good answer which ought to be aimed at civic officials,

        should the need arise.

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