THO visits Osaka Japan

I have been invited to Osaka Japan in July of 2014 until August 2014.  I am considering taking the trip but only if I am able to see inside of some tiny houses/dwellings, photograph and run stories on them.

We understand that Japan is a country in which space is at a premium and therefore Japanese architects are significantly more familiar with how to best utilize smaller spaces; however, we do not have the opportunity to see this small architecture written about first hand by North Americans for the North American audience.

If you are in the Osaka area and you have a tiny house: or if you are an architect and you want to see your tiny work showcased please contact me here.  Likewise, if you know people in the Osaka area of Japan who you think might enjoy having their tiny home featured in one of my articles, please  pass this along and hopefully they will contact me.  I am not restricted to looking at show houses, any tiny livable space is interesting to our readers.


Here are samples of my work.

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2 thoughts on “THO visits Osaka Japan

  1. I hope you do get the opportunity to photograph and interview those living in small homes in Japan. I could learn so much from them.

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