The Sadies

Thursday night (still in Hamilton with my newly handicapped thumb) I checked out “The Sadies”.  They are an indie band that has been getting a lot of press here in Canada.   Despite the press, I listed to a few if the examples of their work on YouTube and did not find anything that remarkable about them.   Still, I LOVE live music and thought I would splurge on an $18 ticket.

I gotta say, I was LUCKY!  No one will be seeing The Sadies with an $18 ticket soon.  They gave the most powerful performance I have seen since catching Jeff Healey in the early 1990’s.  They are brilliant!

I tried finding some more video of them so that I could give them another listen and I found a video which (in my opinion) does not justice (to their profound greatness).  Even so it is applicable to the tiny house movement and its anti consumer message so I thought I would share it with you.  Note the part when Blue Rodeo is speaking about this song’s ideology… but then, basically they laughingly display that money does not trickle down.  Interesting I thought…

Nothing to do with the tiny house movement but rather just a great video… Here is their Juno Award winning film of a song that will be on their new album (soon being released).  Also this is the sound and at least in part, captures them.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of video that shows the energy of this band.  Each of the four musicians personality and love of music is diverse.  If these guys are coming within a few hundred kilometres of you, run… and I mean run to get tickets!IMG_0461 IMG_0460 IMG_0459 IMG_0458

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2 thoughts on “The Sadies

  1. rnhaas

    Lucky you, Laura. I have been meaning to see them for some time. They have actually been around for ever and have kind of assumed the Tragically Hip’s role as “Canada’s Band” now that the Hip aren’t around.

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