It is Official!

I got word tonight from the director of the film “Fault”… they want to use my artwork in the set.  How cool is that?

Several pieces have been selected including “Changing Horizons” which is below.  If you are curious, you can see more of my work here.

Changing Horizons

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10 thoughts on “It is Official!

  1. Rich

    Fantastic news. You are a very talented young lady. Love the painting too.

  2. Good for you Tree is beautiful!

  3. BJ

    Wow, you seem blessed ( as well as talented as course!). When you need something doors just seem to open. What a beautiful picture and a great opportunity for you!!

  4. Anonymous


  5. disabledcyclist

    AWESOME!!! 😀

    The DC

  6. WONDERFUL and exciting..!! Congratulations..

  7. polarxena

    Stunning art. Do you have windmills nearby your tiny house? I do. If the wind is right you can hear them, a gentle “whoosh”.

    • Thank you! There are a series of wind turbines on Wolfe Island which is just beside the city of Kingston. They are big ones and can be seen for a long way off. I can see them when the trees are not so thick from THO.

  8. This one is a beauty!

  9. How exciting, congratulations.

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