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Sitting here over the last couple of days and wondering if some money will fall from the sky so that I can finish Tiny House Ontario’s kitchen.  I really do not want to appear as a want-want… it is not that honestly, it is just that it would be nice to have it finished up before I pack up in the fall.  I have been without a
kitchen now for three years.  It would be nice if things were just a little handier because in the winter it is difficult to live/stay here without some indoor amenities.

A sponsor would be awesome someone who makes tiny propane appliances.  How do I find one of these?


unfinished kitchen

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10 thoughts on “In The Corner

  1. Sara

    Laura, could you put off doing some of the patio and put that money towards a kitchen first?

    • Well… I could have I suppose… the reason that I spent the money on the patio this year is because this year I had access to an old truck. Hopefully next year it will be done!

  2. And a fridge. A must have! If you scrounge you can find a small propane one out of an old RV, dorm size!

  3. I have a two burner propane stove you can have for a smile ! Just hook it up to a 20 lb propane bottle and it will last you about 2 months of cooking!

    What do you do now, just use the BBQ?

    • Really? This is exactly what I want in the tiny house.
      Yes, just using the BBQ. It is a nuisance when it is freezing, the house gets warm you go outside and all the heat goes with you. By the time dinner is made the house is an ice block.

      • Will you be going past Durham Region/Bowmanville anytime soon?

        I can also make an L-can Stove for you, or a penny stove they use Methyl Hydrate, easy to make and easy to use. That way you have a backup or alternate way of heating water for tea or coffee!

      • That is very generous of you! I do have to go through there in a few days. I have a young family member graduating from Mac and who is leaving for Alberta so I need to see her before she goes. Maybe Sunday or Monday. May I email you with how to get in touch with me?

      • Yes, of course but it might be better to pick them up on the way back, that way you do not have them getting in the way all the time during your trip.

  4. Patti Calandra

    You might want to try something like this:|/pc/104795280/c/104754780/sc/104246280/Camp-Chef-Outdoor-Camp-Oven/715086.uts?destination=%2Fcategory%2FCamp-Blind-Stoves%2F104246280.uts&WTz_l=DirectLoad%3Bcat104246280

    That way, it could be taken outside in the summer.

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