Big Day, Big Shift!

Today Tiny House Ontario reached 30,000 reads.  I have to say that I really had not expected this when I started this blog back on November 30 2011, less than 8 months ago.  I had intended to keep my interested friends up to date on what I was up to because they are all spread out and I don’t see them a lot.  Basically, I thought it would be easier than explaining what a Tiny House is, over and over again; so it was a laziness thing!

To say that I am surprised at the interest, would be a vast understatement.  Thank you all very much!  I am very flattered by the attention Tiny House Ontario has received.

Speaking of attention, tomorrow is my interview with KBOO Radio from Portland, Oregon!  Oh my!

The other big thing for me is that I am in Hamilton in order to do some work on my book.  I have printed what I have transcribed and will work on transcribing the rest.  What I mean is that draft number one of my book is ready.  I am sure that there is a lot of work to still do on it, nonetheless… it is now nearly all typed up and in a paper format waiting for its first edit by yours truly!

Back to you folks!  Should you wonder, here is where my readers are coming in from for the last quarter of a year:  I notice that I am back up in Canadian readers again, last quarter they were about par with friends to the South.

Thank you very much for reading about Tiny House Ontario!

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