Sanford and Sons

S&S Rock version

Yesterday I hauled in a couple of loads of rocks.  I think I have all that is required to finish the job.  It does however look a little like Sanford and Sons… the quarry version.  There is so much work to this job!  I have a new found respect for the persons who do this work for a living.

I imagine I still have about four more days of work to do just to get the rest of the patio level.  One of these will be unhooking the solar connection to the house at the battery, laying the stone and then hooking it all up again.

It is a lot of work, but it is worth it.  I think it gives THO a very enchanting appearance despite the mess of extra stones.

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9 thoughts on “Sanford and Sons

  1. Keep up the good work! lIt’s looking great! I enjoy you positive thinking. Where there is a will, there if a way.

  2. Hannah

    The stones are a great addition, but one thing leads to another. Now you need a funky colour on your door! ;-D

  3. Did you do the building yourself? I read back through several pages of your older posts and it seems you are doing a lot, if not all the work yourself. Is that so? Also, you said it’s not all that cold in the winter, but those ice storm photos tell a different story. THAT’S COLD! I like what I’ve seen of your tiny home. I particularly like that you have a real bedroom. Most tiny homes have small lofts. If I can ever make the transition I would want 1) a full bedroom 2) room for a full-size sofa. But I don’t have a clear picture of the back side. Do you have a link to just photos of the interior/exterior shots?

  4. I have a good friend who does hardscaping, what a back breaking labor of love it is. I adored your Tiny House but with the stone patio it looks even better. Don’t work too hard and hurt yourself.

  5. Anonymous

    definately well worth the sweat:)

  6. Looking good..!! You’re not Sanford & Sons…..yet..! You’re doing a beautiful job… I can respect the energy required for such an effort….

  7. Who needs a gym when she can haul rocks? Beautiful job, and you can rest on those same rocks when the job is done. Doesn’t get much better than that.

  8. Deb

    I love it. I have always been fascinated with small living since I was very young. I also love rocks.
    Keep it up.
    Living north of “7”

  9. Absolutely enchanting!

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