Again with the stone…

I laid out the stone to measure it for the garden path.  It turns out that I have enough stone to take care of the plan.  It is not good to walk on.  This is actually a job for next spring so I did not yet prepare the job properly, I just wanted to measure before the truck dissolves.  The stone dust I laid will have to settle then every stone will have to be removed and levelled to its neighbour.  Because it is away from the house, I am not too worried about the drainage.  Basically it is just a footpath to the vegetable garden.


This said, I decided that I need a little more stone anyway.  I want to join the patio with the path so I need a few more square feet.  I guess one or one and a half truckloads will do it.  I guess I need about 40 square feet of stone.  Fortunately this part is already compressed so I can finish the joining section as I have the patio.  Only the path must wait for 2014.

FYI: So far, I have made 13 trips to the quarry for stone at $20/trip.  Why not expand?

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11 thoughts on “Again with the stone…

  1. The stone is coming along nicely and adds just the right touch being natural. I have been struggling with what I want to lay for pathways to make getting to the gardens easier, I may have to break down and have stone laid.

  2. Deb

    Love Love the stones and more stones. Yeag!
    Living north of &

  3. disabledcyclist

    I’ve been off (WordPress) for a spell (remember me? 😛 ),LOVING the stonework, my friend!

    The DC (Steve)

    • Of course I do! Glad you are back! I know you have had a hard time with your movement just recently… BTW congrats on your new car!

      • disabledcyclist

        LOL, thank you (for the congrats and the remembering 😛 😀 )

  4. It’s really looking splendid…!! Coming along quite nicely…. We live in the woods, too. When we bought our a frame, my husband thought we could use it as a weekend getaway…..(he knew I wanted to live in the country.!) …, I just started moving all our stuff bit by bit…and he didn’t object at all!! He had no choice….really..!! :). The previous owner had CLEARED the underbrush ….!! HORRIFYING….! I just planted some hostas, and, the hardest thing of all: left everything alone…. Thirty years later, the woods are a delight, and my refuge.. Some ivy and periwinkle have taken over, but it is a lovely green in the winter. We have deer that come to the pond, and last spring, a duck who was quite lost, stayed for about a week. A lesser scaup…. A beautiful bird. I did make one mistake… I planted an invasive plant…that was oxygenating…(in an aquarium, not a pond!) and it does provide cover for the frogs. It’s a coontail..bottlebrush plant for fish tanks …..

  5. Mary Ann Clark

    It is so beautiful Laura! It makes me happy just knowing you live in such a beautiful spot! Also makes me long for a tiny house of my own.

  6. Brenda Butler

    This is utterly quaint and gorgeous! Your tiny dream is really shaping up. You must be so satisfied but I hope you don’t hurt your back!

    Sent from my iPhone

  7. It will be well worth the money spent. Where does the path lead to from the house?

    • To the vegetable garden. Most importantly, the tomatoes!
      Grandma would so get that!

      • It looks like Little Red Riding Hoods’ Path……….. Your stones are such a lovely color… I love the different shades of buff…… It’s quite an accomplishment….and adds to the homey feel, overall….. Very delightful. Thank you for the lovely photos….!!

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