Scary Night and Nice Changes

It has been a very busy week for me, so I have been neglecting updates here simply because I did not have the opportunity to sit in a cafe with an internet connection.

Aside from work I had, what I think was a visit from a bear on Saturday night.  I could hear it, but I could not smell it or see it.   It woke me up with banging and growling and since I was up in the loft I thought it prudent to stay there instead of climbing down to turn on the lights and draw attention to myself.  The good thing is that it went away without incident.  I don’t think it got one of the neighbours chickens which is where it seemed to be.  (Update July 5, 2013: unfortunately two chickens were killed that night.)

In terms of great stuff, one of the awesome things happening at THO is that the fireflies are back!  I know that they come back year after year but every year it surprises me and makes me so happy!

The other awesome thing is that a robin has built her nest a few feet away from the North door on a low branch in the maple tree, and she is nesting, so there will be baby robins soon I hope!

Life is great!

Nest near the North door

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3 thoughts on “Scary Night and Nice Changes

  1. Hazel

    It was too hot to sleep last night so I sat by the window and watched the fireflies spark all over our field. Magical!

  2. We were watching the fireflies at my parent’s place last friday. It’s such fun to watch them sparkle. 🙂

  3. I noticed the return of the fireflies a week or so ago, it always makes me smile. What types of beats do you have up there?

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