Searching for Alice

Sometimes when it is cold outside pulling on layers of clothes feels like a terrible nuisance.  On days like this I stand at the window and look out.

Window shopping

Before long something aways tugs at my curiosity at THO and this curiosity wins out over the desire to stay toasty.  So on goes the coat and boots and the camera also gets tucked into my pocket.

Looking back from the lane, the house looks cozy…

Looking back

Below my feet, right where I stand I see that I have had a silent visitor.


Today, however, I did not get whisked down the rabbit hole.  A pity, I think.  Wouldn’t it be fun to be Alice?

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18 thoughts on “Searching for Alice

  1. strivingfortiny

    It’s cold in that hole today :-/ lol wait till summer. Lol

    • Maybe it is warm?

      • strivingfortiny

        Only if there are little baby bunny rabbits down there! Then it will be warm! 😀

      • I think they might still be making them. They won’t come up here for a few weeks still. I hope I will see them. Spring is such a welcome season up here in ice covered Ontario. We are all twitching to get outside again.

      • strivingfortiny

        Yey!! By the way, I vacationed in Kingston Ontario my entire life from the day I was born till just a few years ago 😀

      • Ah! Cool… family here, or a cottage… or is it just the area that called you back year after year?

      • strivingfortiny

        Well, it all started out back in the early 50’s where my parents were asked to come up and visit friends at their vacation spot in a tiny town called Seeley’s Bay 😀 after that my parents booked a cottage in that little town on a lake year after year and spent day trips to Kingston all the time. It’s in my blood now 😀

      • Ah Seeley’s Bay… This is very close to home for me. I went to public school with kids from that village.

      • strivingfortiny

        Wow. That is so cool. That little town is home away from home to me. It’s so weird now that I have to use a passport to get over the border. But security is super important and I have my passport 😀 my sis and I are thinking of going up this year 🙂 We can usually make it up there in 7 hours.

      • So, if you do believe you will come closer to the date, give me a heads up and we can have a coffee and talk tiny.

      • strivingfortiny

        Yeyeyey!! That would be so fun! 😀
        I may rent a Class B camper van to test drive for the trip 🙂
        I will certainly give you a heads up 🙂

      • Excellent! It is really expensive to rent Campers up here. Hopefully they won’t be as costly where you are.

      • strivingfortiny

        I’m down in Westchester County NY, about 60 miles from New York City. There are a lot of camper rentals places near. I’m going to google rates and things and start considering it! 😀

  2. You home looks like it was always there in the middle of nature. I’m not sure I would like to fall down the rabbits hole, my adventurous days may be behind me.

    • Thanks Lois! This was really what I hoped for when I built THO. I am so glad you noticed. I had to take a few trees for the driveway but the house itself was built where there was already a clearing.
      I guess I am feeling a bit trapped by the winter weather, I am getting itchy to do something… anything… A rabbit hole adventure might hold me off until spring!

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